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Drop Off & Pick Up

Warren Middle Parent Drop off / Pick up Procedures 

Parents that drop off students in the morning and pick up students in the afternoon need to familiarize themselves with the location and procedures.  Parents dropping off kids can do so after 7:00 am.  Students that are being dropped off will enter the back of the building using the entrance off 339.  Parents should simply pull around towards the sidewalk leading into the new gym and drop off their children and pull out in a continuous flow of traffic.  Parents should be able to unload 3 to 4 cars at a time and allow the students to safely walk into the school. The students will enter into the gym or cafeteria and wait until 7:20 before being allowed to their classrooms. 

Parents driving their children to school are not allowed to enter the bus drop off area before or after school.  This is for student safety and effective flow of drop off and pick up procedures. 

Student dismissal is at 2:28 pm.  The gate to the parking lot will not be unlocked until 2:15 pm each day. There is no need to arrive prior to this time. Parents picking up students will again drive and park in the back of the middle school using the elementary parking lot nearest the soccer field.  Cars should pull in and face the elementary school.  Students will be dismissed into the parking lot and should walk behind all the cars until they see their cars.  Once their car is located they simply walk to the car and pull out of the parking lot. 

Parents visiting the middle school office must park in the lot in front of the building off Warrior Drive.  The office has been moved and the new entrance will be visible to all visitors.  The new office will allow for increased security and control of those entering middle school.  

It is a great day to be a Warren Warrior!